Membership Fees

Please select one of the options from the drop-down menu below.

  1. New Member: If you are a new member, please ensure that you have filled the membership application form. The New member price includes the educational material
  2. Membership Renewal: If you are renewing your membership from last year, select this option.
  3. Dual Membership: If you are already a member of another Toastmasters Club, please select this option. Please include details of the club that you are already registered with and/or you membership number (if you have it) or email address that you use to register with Toastmasters International – This makes it easier to
  • If you wish to pay for membership using bank transfer, please get in touch with the treasurer via the CONTACT FORM
  • When you make the membership payment, please drop an email to the club, with ‘MEMBERSHIP’ in the title so that we can process you application.

Membership Fees 

Meeting Contribution

In order to support our club while we are online, we are offering members the option of making a contribution towards the day to day running of the club (including paying for the room when we return)

Your contributions are very appreciated!




Meeting Donation